Eguiguren Art of Hispanoamérica

At Eguiguren Arte de Hispanoamérica we devote our efforts to a very wide horizon: we manly cover all the lberoamerican Viceroyalty period in every expression and use, the Independent time -including the 19th Century iconographic painting-, and 20th Century art works well known for their importance.
We include the search of civil and religious paintings and sculptures in the most varied expressions of this important chapter, furniture of the different styles, including the countries from Mexico to the South.
We also include art works from Spain, and Goa and the Philippines among other works from the East to the West considering their old diffusion and influence they had in America.
We also develop extensive and systematic research on these various issues as well as comparative analysis with Museums, Collectors and enquires with researchers, all of which contributes to the knowledge of the above mentioned works, which is of almost importance to our task.
As far contemporary Arts are concerned, we have created in Argentina the first Gallery of Wildlife Paintings, with works of art that are a testimony of the nature and its components. We have works of well known artists such as Axel Amuchastegui, Aldo Chiappe, the sculptor Anders Sandström and also Enrique Castro –specialized in horses and Polo paintings- all of them produce works of excellent quality.
In the gaucho painting chapter, we have Rodolfo Ramos works, one of the great contemporary watercolor painters of our country, specialized in the argentine field and his people.